Lien Minh Phat – Charitable activity for An Giang people

Together with the construction and development of the company, Lien Minh Phat always join hands for the development that is useful to the community, demonstrating Lien Minh Phat ‘s duty for the country. With the spirit of mutual love, sympathy and sharing difficulties with the community, on August 23, 2020, Lien Minh Phat Co successfully organized a charitable activity to support people with difficult circumstances in Nui Sam Ward, Chau Doc City – An Giang.

With the spirit of “Giving away is happiness”, Lien Minh Phat Company’ s team had gave away 200 bags of rice and 200 cartons of instant noodles, in addition is a little cash to people in Nui Sam Ward, An Giang province. Although the value of the gift is not great, it shows the spirit of sympathy and sharing of the collective of Lien Minh Phat Company to the difficult circumstances.

Lien Minh Phat with the desire to make “Connection – Prosperity – Development” together with other businesses to bring warmth and happiness to many difficult circumstances in the country.

With meaningful and practical goals, the program has received a positive response from the local. Thereby, Lien Minh Phat Company would like to express sincere thanks to the People’s Committee of Nui Sam Ward, Fatherland Front, Nui Sam Ward Police, the Support Committee represented by Anh Tien and Nui Sam Street Coffee Shop for their support location for the program.