Lien Minh Phat cashew factory
Cashew hạt điều Liên minh phát
lien minh phat từ thiện
Cashew hạt điều Liên minh phát
Máy Xray hạt điều Cashew Liên Minh Phát


Established in 2009, LIEN MINH PHAT CO., LTD. is a company specialising in trading cashew nuts to countries such as the USA, Australia, EU, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, China … Is known as one of the most reputable and quality executive manufacturer.

Our cashew nuts are manufactured using modern equipment combined with handcraft. The production process from the initial raw cashew nuts to the finished product to the consumer is tested and strictly complied with HACCP standards.

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  • Towards the goal of providing customers with the best products;
  • Protecting customers’ rights and benefits;
    Products must be of outstanding quality at competitive prices but still comply with international standards;
  • Building and developing Vietnamese-cashew-nuts’s brand to become strong and prestigious in the world market.
  • Connecting and building small and medium cashew associations in Binh Duong, Binh Phuoc and neighboring provinces to support each other with competitive prices in the context of the market that large cashew companies take advantage of their dominant position, monopoly to make an impact on market prices which make an unhealthy competitive environment.
  • Developed in the next 5 years, buy / rent land to grow cashew in neighboring provinces (Binh Phuoc, Daknong / Daklak) and Cambodia with good seeds under organic process … to bring the best raw materials.
  • Always take good care of customer’s need by learning and understanding what they want
  • Working hard and proactively to provide customer with the best products at competitive prices
  • We always keep in mind that keeping old customers is just as important as finding new ones
  • Ensure every shipment is strictly inspected before leaving the warehouse.
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